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Why Art Blocks Engine?

Simply put, Art Blocks is an industry leader with a first-of-its-kind generative art platform. Art Blocks Engine uses the same technology that underpins Art Blocks, harnessing the power of generative minting in the form of a custom-branded solution.


Who can partner with Art Blocks Engine?

We invite any interested organization to reach out. We’ve partnered with artists, galleries, sports leagues, fashion houses, NFT platforms, DAOs, media outlets, gaming companies—and our list is growing.


How long will the process of developing a custom solution take in total?

Each partnership varies based on scope and complexity of the project. That said, our process usually takes about 6–10 weeks, from signing an agreement to project launch.


What is the cost?

Art Blocks collects a percentage of primary royalties at the time of sale and invoices monthly for a percentage of secondary royalties. Royalty percentages are variable based on the scope of the project and type of services provided. There are no upfront or ongoing costs for Art Blocks Engine partners outside of royalties.