What we do

We use the power of generative design technology in partnership with brands, organizations, and creators looking to build on the momentum of generative minting. By handling the Web3 infrastructure, your team can focus on storytelling, community, and culture.

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We offer two types of software licensing for both fully on-chain art and off-chain libraries: Engine and Engine Flex.

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Partnering with us provides access to a suite of tools built by Art Blocks Engine to help operationalize a project.

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We provide support from onboarding to smart contract management, a 24-hour dedicated account manager, and ongoing tech support.

Our tech and services

Art Blocks Engine uses the same engine as our flagship product: generative scripts that are stored on-chain, and are fully decentralized and fully secured by the Ethereum Blockchain.

Art Blocks Engine Flex uses this same generative technology, and also allows artists to use off-chain assets stored on IPFS or Arweave. This opens the creative landscape and enables artists to incorporate photography, AI, GAN, machine learning, and more into their artistic toolkit.

View a breakdown of our products and download a complete list of services below.

Tech and service offering
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Partner-owned smart contracts suite to testnet and to mainnet
Access to various Art Blocks tools, generative content, and artists
Ongoing support and interfacing with business and engineering teams
Off-chain assets