Bright Moments

How Bright Moments established a new standard in experiential activations using Art Blocks Engine.

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Bright Moments

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Bright Moments
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Bright Moments, the team behind CryptoVenetians, aimed to leverage Engine technology to power their in-real-life (IRL) shows across ten cities worldwide. Their goal was to replicate the artist onboarding and sales setup they had used online, transitioning to in-person events instead.

Custom solution

Art Blocks Engine provided a scalable solution for Bright Moments, enabling them to launch and manage multiple projects over an extended period. Key components of our solution included:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Delivered a user-friendly interface for artists, allowing Bright Moments to focus on event planning and enhancing user experience.
  • Minting Experience: Applied Engine technology to power their minting experience using our Mobile Minter product
  • City-Based Galleries: Supported the establishment of galleries in ten cities, each featuring ten generative artists for the main live show.

Our collaboration has enabled Bright Moments to successfully transition from online to memorable, in-person events. Across their 10 shows around the world, Bright Moments has generated over 6,000 ETH in revenue and onboarded thousands of users.

Bright Moments
Bright Moments