Bright Moments

Engine provided the technology for Bright Moments, the NFT art gallery, to launch their offering IRL across multiple cities around the world.

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Bright Moments

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Bright Moments
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Bright Moments wanted to leverage Engine technology to power their IRL shows at their ten cities around the world. As the team behind CryptoVenetians on the Art Blocks flagship platform, their goal was to use a similar setup in terms of artist onboarding and sales, but transition to in-person rather than fully online.

Custom solution

The use of Engine by Bright Moments captures how our offering can be used at scale for partners who release many projects over a longer period. They have so far launched galleries in five cities, with each city having a roster of ten generative artists for the main live show.

  • Delivered a familiar interface for artists who have used Art Blocks, allowing Bright Moments to focus on event planning and user experience.
  • Application of Engine led to the leveraging of Art Block’s brand.
Bright Moments
Bright Moments