How CoinDesk partnered with Art Blocks Engine to launch a generative art project, providing access to their Consensus conference.

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Project details

Project date
March – April 2023
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CoinDesk partnered with Art Blocks Engine and artist Fahad Karim to launch a unique generative art project that offered significant utility to its collectors. The project aimed to grant collectors three years of VIP access to CoinDesk’s annual Consensus conference. CoinDesk was excited to leverage Art Blocks Engine's capabilities in generative art, NFT minting technology, access to top generative artists, and alignment with the Art Blocks brand through this collaboration.

Custom solution

Art Blocks Engine provided a comprehensive suite of Web3 generative art products and services, ensuring the project's successful launch. Our solution included:

  • Smart Contract Development: Developed and deployed smart contracts on both testnet and mainnet, incorporating access to robust APIs, rendering technology, and file storage.
  • Artist Connection Services: Facilitated the selection of Fahad Karim through our artist network.
  • Training and Guidance: Provided training sessions for CoinDesk partners to utilize smart contract functions and offered guidance on technical considerations when selecting artistic talent.
  • Artist Staging Site: Set up a dedicated staging site for Fahad Karim to create and test versions before the official launch.
  • Marketing Collaboration: Partnered with CoinDesk's media and press teams for joint marketing efforts to enhance project visibility.
  • Industry Best Practices: Offered ongoing guidance and consultation on Web3 and generative art industry best practices.
  • Continuous Technical Support: Provided continuous technical support throughout the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases.
  • Co-Sponsored Event: Co-sponsored a networking event at the Consensus conference.

This strategic collaboration resulted in the sale of 149 VIP tickets in the first year, priced at 1.5 ETH each, accumulating a total of 223 ETH.