Art Blocks Engine powered the minting experience for Sotheby’s, a premier auction house and art gallery, in their newly launched Gen Art program.

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Project details

Project date
July 2023
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Sotheby’s needed a partner to power their generative art program, which they planned to use with the first on-chain project from Vera Molnár, a 99-year-old generative art pioneer. They were looking for a technology solution capable of providing minting, on-chain art storage, and a Dutch auction mechanism.

Custom solution

Art Blocks Engine provided a comprehensive suite of web3 generative art products and services, ensuring the project's successful launch. Our collaboration saw remarkable success, with 500 editions selling out and generating 550 ETH ($1.03M) at the time of sale. Secondary trading has accumulated over 1600 ETH in volume to date.

  • Smart contract development and deployment on both testnet and mainnet, incorporating access to AB APIs, rendering technology, and file storage.
  • Training sessions with Sotheby’s partners to guide them in utilizing smart contract functions effectively.
  • A dedicated artist staging site facilitating seamless test versions and edits for Vera Molnár and Martin Grasser before the official launch.
  • Web3 developer connection for building a branded mint site, complemented by a customized front-end site template tailored for generative art projects.
  • Joint marketing efforts to enhance project visibility.
  • Continuous account and technical support throughout the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases.